Monday, March 26, 2012

Crossover with "Mad Men"

‎"The Swedish term for Frozen Joy," Don Draper said, finishing up his presentation, "is Frusen Gladje."

Hecate jumped up. "Brilliant!" she yelled.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Crossover with Thomas Mann's The Magic Mountain

Evan Matthew Cobb over at Scorched the Snake sent me this video he made. Per Evan:
If you’ve read Thomas Mann’s The Magic Mountain, you have probably thought to yourself, as I often have, that it would make for quite the piece of immersive theater. You know, set it in an old hotel or hospital, have a mysterious Russian woman slamming doors here and there, Hermine Kleefeld all piping away with her pneumothorax, the absurd Settembrini-Naphtha duel, and then this, Hans Castorp’s bad day in a snowstorm.

It’ll never get produced, so enjoy the magic of a little creative re-scoring.

And here it is! Enjoy!