Thursday, May 27, 2010

Crossover with an unsuccessful advertising campaign

"I bet you're wondering why I called this meeting", Hecate declared to the assembled witches.  "Well, I can answer that right now.  I've been working on the best way to bring Frusen Glädjé back.  It got discontinued in the 80's, and my supply is running disastrously low."

"So it hit me: advertising.  I can create a demand.  They'll bring it back.  It'll be awesome."

The Long-Haired Witch raised her hand.  Hecate looked over to her.

"Where are we going to create an advertisement?", she asked.

Hecate laughed.

"I am, like, five steps ahead of you.  The advertisement is done.  Check it out!"

After viewing the commercial, the Bald Witch was the first to speak.

"It's fucking brilliant!", she declared.

"I know, huh?", said Hecate.

"I like how you managed to get your message across and still keep your artistic sensibility intact", said the Male Witch.

Hecate rubbed her hands together.

"This, my friends, cannot fail."

Monday, May 10, 2010

Crossover with Going on Hiatus

We're taking a brief break.

The Sleep No More Crossover Fan Fiction Blog will return in June.